The Zhang lab specializes in nucleic acid synthesis, modification, self-assembly, characterization, as well as other polymer-based biomaterials and biomacromolecule engineering, and integration with them for various applications. The lab houses DNA and polymer research instrumentation including numerous synthetic lines, DNA synthesizer, Peptide synthesizer, HPLC, Rotavap, Ultracentrifuge, PCR machine, Electrophoresis devices, Nanosight, Glove box, GPC, AFM, UV-vis, Nanodrop, Fluorescence Microscope, Lyophilizer, Protein Purification System. We also have our own Cell culture room for cell work. Moreover, Zhang lab has regular access to Animal Center of SJTU and the instruments in Analytical Cener of SJTU, including SEM, TEM, AFM, XPS, Raman, ultra-high resolution fluorescence microscope, etc.

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